Mendo Breath 

OG Kush x Mendo Montage


With its sumptuous violet-hued leaves and skunky mango, grape candy

perfume, Mendo Breath makes an enduring impression before you even taste it.

Mendo's flavor profile is even more complex than its heady aroma: red wine mingles

with earthy caramel and coffee with subtle back-notes of ozone and hash.

Heaviness creeps into the limbs, melting away tension like butter in a hot pan. A

lucid calm overtakes the mind, growing spacier and more creative with each puff.

Mendo Breath is a proper prelude to some quiet introspection or a long nap.




Platinum Huckleberry Cookies

Dynasty Genetics

Platinum Girl Scout Cookies x Oregon Huckleberry


Platinum Huckleberry Cookies reeks of gas and sulfur with eye-watering back-notes of

skunk and spice. Its smoke is thick and savory, giving way to a lingering hint of

molasses-like sweetness. The mind is invigorated. Wild thoughts race around like

hundreds of hamsters in hundreds of exercise wheels. Platinum Huckleberry Cookies

heightens your enjoyment of sensory stimulation. Enjoy it alongside live music, a

blockbuster movie or campfire s'mores.



Super Silver Blue Magoo

Dynasty Genetics

Super Silver Haze x Blue Magoo


Super Silver Blue Magoo loudly announces its presence with a floral perfume of roses,

orange blossoms and blueberries.  It is spicy on the tongue, with notes of incense

and clove underlying its signature floral musk.

The onset is goofy and energized, followed by a creeping fog of

deep sedation and voracious hunger. 

Super Silver Blue Magoo's appetite-inducing qualities make it the perfect pre-meal




Trainwreck x Trinity x Jack the Ripper


Purple Punch

Larry OG x Granddaddy Purple